Thursday, February 5, 2015

What's a Little Ice Cream Among Friends?

Rusty and Dolf collapsed into a giggling pile after leading Mone and her friends on a tag team trip through the closed factory. They loved playing in the factory because there were dark nooks and crannies everywhere, and it was rather spooky at night.

“Dolf, did you see how high Mone jumped when you stood up out of the pile of metal bands? I thought for sure she was going to spew ink at you. Gretch went completely blue, too.” Rusty collapsed again in a heap. If someone were watching them they would have thought he was having seizures. Dolf giggled, his numerous rolls of flab undulating like waves on the ocean.

“It’s a good thing there aren't humans around at night.” Dolf opened a bag of snacks and handed his friend a sack of crispy fried worms while he selected salted palmetto bugs for himself. He loved the delicious way they crunched but still had gooey centers. He swigged some eyeball ale to wash it down. “Ah… that hits the spot!”

“The night’s still young. Come on - lets go up on that conveyor way up high and see where it leads. We’ve not explored in quite some time.”

“I don’t know, it’s getting pretty late.” Dolf checked his moonmeter. It was two peeks before sunrise. “Well, if we just keep it short. I can’t be late again, though.”

Stuffing their snacks in the bag, they made their way over to the elevator. It clanked and groaned, but still faithfully made it to the top floor. Scaffolding with some maintenance panels comprised the bulk of the floor, offering a bird’s eye view of the machinery below. They walked along the metal grate floor, looking down at various vats and blending chutes. The scaffolding swayed with their weight and groaned loudly.

“Rusty, we need to go back.”

“Are you scared, Dolf?”

“No. I just don’t want to explain a fall to Mom, and I don’t want to leave evidence we were here for the humans. You know we have to be careful.”

“I know, I know. Just walk to the end. I want to look out over the place from that end platform.”

Dolf gave him a stern look. Then softened and said, “I hope you appreciate what a good friend I am and tell everyone when I die.” They both half giggled and turned to continue walking out. Reaching the platform, they could survey the entire plant. The soft whirring sound of different blending machines and cold processes echoed on the metal roofing. They knew this plant churned out gobs of ice cream for the humans. They didn’t understand what humans liked about this confection. It seemed gross to them.

“Hey, look down there.” Rusty tapped Dolf on the shoulder while leaning out over the guard rail.

“Be careful, man, you’re gonna fall!”

“Just look - lean a little farther. Is that Mone’s jacket? We have to get it for heeerrrr!!” The guardrail broke, sending Rusty tumbling into a pile of cardboard tubs on the line to be filled with ice cream. Dolf stumbled and pitched over the edge, dropping his sack of treats in an effort to grab the nearest scaffolding segment. They would never live this one down.

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