Friday, January 16, 2015


Hello my friends! Welcome to my blog. I'm an author, not yet published. I enjoy the process of writing, and I write a lot that doesn't turn into a novel. I'm sharing my writings with you here, and hopefully, one day, this tiny pet dream of mine will grow into a published novel! Exciting! I thought today I'd share with you a little sample of a my writing.
They had nothing to say to each other. They sat in silence, one in the sunny front window, the other in a shaft of twilight in front of the door. It had been a rough day, and they had gotten snipish with each other. He thought about how exhausted he was after chasing other cats out of the yard, bullying a dog who didn’t get the concept of boundaries, and finding suitable lizards for a romantic dinner. The lizards were great, and still warm. He found a little cat mint for dessert, but she took exception that his piece was a little bit bigger. He reacted immediately before he had a chance to taste his words. That was a bad decision. 
He thought about her day. She had been clearing cobwebs. She kneaded their bed. She made sure the human put out their food, fresh from the bag. She was a good partner always looking out for them both. She had kittens before they met. He knew she missed them. It wasn’t their nature to live with their children, but they didn’t even have a chance to smell their marks. They had been moved far away from her. Some days that was harder on her than others. He wondered if this was one of them. He glanced at her perch in the window. Her back was still stiff, so there wouldn’t be a chance to make it up to her for a little while yet. 
She gazed out over the lawn. It was almost fall now. The day was coming when he would spend more time in the house than out of it. That meant their live food would be cut short. She bristled. She didn’t understand why she felt so terse. It was so unlike her. It wasn’t the kids, although this was the season they were born what now seemed a lifetime ago. She couldn’t put her finger on it. Just a general unease, a little sense of foreboding, like something she loved was ending, something was just wrong. She still loved him. He was a good provider, a great help-­meet. He wasn’t selfish at all, yet she got mad that his piece of cat mint was larger than hers. But that wasn’t it. It was just something that pushed her into a chance outburst. It soured the whole day. She would make it up to him. She would give him extra grooming, snuggle in closer, purr a little more tenderly. It would be ok.

I hope you like this little bit. Have a great day!


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